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Case study successful execution of crm

Case Study: Successful Execution of CRM

Recently, a company spent $25 million in CRM system’s execution.
The company has been one of the leading forest-products companies in the world but for the past several years, office products – pens, computers, desks etc., have comprised the largest segment of its annual sales.
One-third of the company’s revenue is generated from its online business and because office product customers rely on flawless e-commerce site performance to help reduce their administrative overhead, competition within this sector is strong.
What Prompted The Company To Go For CRM?
Of late, the company’s application server was failing to meet volume and performance expectations.
The web site was not integrated with customer account information, so clients with questions about order position or account balances flooded the call centers. The customers were demanding and each customer had different needs.
As the company was in B2B business, managers of the contracted company were primarily treated as customers. After a lot of discussion, the management decided to go for CRM to:
Implement electronic report delivery – to eliminate report production costs
Scalability – to manage the growth of users and reports
Ease of use – to respond in a timely and precise manner to all users, both inside and outside of the organisation.
The initiative was started to invest in CRM to strengthen the company’s internal processes and also to provide customers with a greater economic value.
Roadmap To Implement CRM
The implementation was planned in a phased manner. During the design phase of the implementation, a cross-functional team was chalked out of business and IT managers.
This was done to ensure that the IT department had a comprehensive understanding of the business strategies and customer’s needs. Different sets of requirements were made for different customer profiles.
How each individual client interacted with the organisation was given chief importance. It was concluded that there were primarily three areas where client interaction was most – customer service center, dispatch department and online portal.
This process helped the company to focus on specific technologies that would improve customer service and discard those that weren’t right for the company’s goals.
Consequently, the company bought individual software applications (instead of a complete end-to-end CRM system) for customer interaction and operation management and integrated them with the existing order-processing technologies.
Putting CRM Into Operation
Once all the building blocks were placed in order, it wasn’t a difficult task for the IT department to implement the CRM system.
It was decided to apply the new technology to the two largest customer channels, phone and web and so it was paramount that both remain fully functional.
As the company had a huge client base, most of the production deployment was done over the weekend when there was less number of client calls and when there was less number of people accessing the company’s web site.
The data migration was another step which was carved out with utmost importance because it required cleansing of the 2.2 million customer records from multiple disparate databases into a single customer profile database.
Mantra For Successful Implementation of CRM
The company was able to successfully implement CRM because much of its focus was on customer convenience.
It always maintained the sync between the business and IT departments, so as to ensure everyone was on the same page.
Vigilant and correct choice of CRM software was another major step that helped the company to move ahead with a smooth and successful implementation.
In the end, the company was rewarded with increased revenue, customer retention and positive feedback from all sectors – both in-house and out-house.

An answer to the question how can i retrieve deleted text from a samsung gsm cellular device

An Answer to The Question 'How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text From a Samsung GSM Cellular Device'

Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman

If you happen to be the parent of a teenager in this day and time, then the words being prepared and staying consistently aware are probably no stranger to you. Not so long ago, cellular devices were a convenience that was unheard of. Today however, it is very uncommon when you see an adult or teenager that does not have a cell phone readily available. With devices such as this, unfortunately there are also problems that can, and do occur. Infidelity has become very easy for cheating partners that own a cellular device. It gives them easy access to the person involved in their secret affair. Teenagers also have a way of finding things that are better off left alone, such as dabbling in illegal drug use, bullying other kids, and engaging in what is known as sexting. There are even some people that have went as far as stealing from their employee, and then removed all the evidence from their cell phones. If you find yourself facing any one of these problems and you believe that incriminating evidence has been erased from the phone containing the data, you have probably asked the question ‘how can I retrieve deleted text from a Samsung GSM device.

A cell phone forensic investigation is a very useful service that many experienced investigators perform every single day. These professionals have the equipment and the high level of knowledge that it takes to know how to retrieve deleted text messages and a wide variety of other data that can assist individuals that have faced the situations listed above. Some of the other types of information they can recover from a Samsung GSM device includes the following:

· Device properties
· To do list
· Call history
· Calendar
· Phone book
· File system
· SMS history
· Memory dump
· GUID properties
· NAND memory dump
· Other data that has been deleted from the device

If you are wanting to retrieve deleted text messages or other types of data from a cellular device, make sure you always consult with a professional expert that has knowledge in performing cell phone forensic investigations. If you resort to using a SIM card reader purchased over-the-counter, you will find it very hard to find one that works with your specific device. Another problem these readers cause, is many times they end up actually destroying data that is trying to be recovered. Even knowledgeable experts will sometimes have to try many different tools before they find the right tool to work with specific devices, and they have thousands of dollars in expensive tools.

How your web hosting can help grow your business

How Your Web Hosting Can Help Grow Your Business

One of the most popular ways of marketing and promotion in this time and age is through online or what everybody calls as internet marketing, web marketing or e Marketing. In its nature, Internet marketing provides interactivity. This is why it becomes very important to every business since it provides instant response and elicits response making it a unique quality medium. Every day, a new website is being built that would serve as the promotional venue of the online business. The advantage of web hosting is that to can make things easier for you to apply this kind of promotion.
So what is web hosting all about? This is a disk space being provided by a web hosting service to their clients. These disc spaces from their servers would be the storage site where business can keep their files and broadcast these to the internet. Because of the growing number of businesses, there are also an increasing number of business web hosting services to meet their needs.
Depending on the business web hosting service, business owners would ask a third-party professional to maintain their site. These IT professionals are the ones in-charge by maintaining the website and its programs. However, there are also some other web hosts that will take care of these management tasks.
In choosing a web hosting service, it is always important for businesses to find the best ones that they can find. These companies that they decide to choose should be the best when it comes to security and usability of the server. One of the main problems of businesses is that they can be very much prone to virus attacks and hacking files through the internet. The web host should be able to provide them with enhanced security in order to protect their website.
Businesses should also take a closer look at the control panel and make sure that it is user friendly. This comes handy especially if you do not have any plans of hiring an IT professional. Hence, it should be easy to use by the regular non techie people.
The next important factor that you really need to count in this service is its reliability. You will notice many newly established websites that are already down after several days. You have to definitely make sure that your website is always up or else you will lose your important clients since they cannot communicate with you through the site.
Again, getting the best valued business web hosting service is only achieved by having to check the internet. Go to several companies and compare prices. While you are comparing prices, you may also want to do a review of all the service providers that you saw.
Getting a web hosting service is a helpful tool for every business that wants to be promoted online. As long as you double check online, you will find the best companies that can help you in broadcasting your site.
If you want your business to go online, it is important that you choose a good web hosting company that is reliable, affordable, uptime, and provides quality features, ease of use and overall support.

Speed up your pc and make computer errors a thing of the past

Speed Up Your PC And Make Computer Errors A Thing Of The Past

You may be wondering what to do about computer problems such as slow speed and frequent errors that haunt an old PC. One option could be to upgrade some critical parts which could be behind these problems. This option is a risky one as many users have discovered that even after upgrading either the same problem recurs or a new one surfaces, rendering all the expenditure useless.

Another option, which is the most effective, is to follow the guidelines given below that will not only enable you to speed up your PC, but will also help in the prevention of computer errors in the future.

Free up hard disk space by removing unused files

Over time, a lot of junk and unused data gets accumulated on the hard drive. Run the built-in Disk Cleanup utility once a month to free up important hard disk space by removing the unused and unwanted files. The Disk Cleanup utility helps you in identifying and removing the files that are not required.

Defrag the data stored on your hard drives

The Disk Defragmenter is another useful utility that does the job of arranging the stored data on the hard disk in a contiguous manner. This improves the overall efficiency of your computer and also prevents various hard disk issues from developing.

For the best results, it is best that you run the Disk Defragmenter utility immediately after you perform a disk cleanup. One piece of advice, the Disk Defragmenter may take up to a couple of hours to finish its job, so it is best to run this utility when you can afford to be away from your computer for this length of time.

Remove unused shortcuts from your desktop

Cluttering the desktop with innumerable icons considerably slows down your PC during start up. So, do away with the unused and unnecessary desktop icons. Also, do not use high-resolution wallpapers because they consume more system resources than normal wallpapers.

Update your operating system, drivers, and software

Outdated files not only adversely affect the efficiency of your PC, but may also become the cause of various errors. This is why it is recommended that you regularly install new updates, pertaining to your operating system, software and drivers, as and when they are released by the manufacturers of these products.

Install advanced antivirus and antispyware tools

It is imperative that you keep your PC secure from the latest security threats. Install robust antivirus and antispyware tools on your PC and schedule regular malware scans of your entire system.