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Outlook express error codes what they mean and ways to fix them

Outlook Express Error Codes – What They Mean and Ways to Fix Them

If you depend a lot on email for your communication with clients or colleagues, you will find that getting an error when you are expecting to get some mail is an inconvenience you would rather avoid. Most offices tend to use Microsoft’s Outlook Express as their email client, and even though Outlook Express is a very intuitive and comprehensive email client, it is still prone to errors, and you may come across some of these errors sooner or later. Remember that there is no reason to get upset if you experience these Outlook Express error codes, because the solutions to these errors are usually simple.
The first thing that you need to do whenever you come across Outlook Express error codes is to think about updates. Have you updated Outlook to its latest version? When it comes to updating, many computers merely find that they can still function quite well simply even with a lack of the most recent updates… or at least for a while. It’s common for people to neglect crucial updates, but they don’t quite understand the importance of keeping programs such as Outlook Express updated.
One symptom that you should look out for when experiencing Outlook Express error codes is where the program refuses to start in the first place, or worse still, cause your entire computer to freeze. Error codes may come one after another, and even though it might seem as thought it’s an Outlook Express problem, it may be an indication of a more pressing issue: a corrupt registry. If you haven’t been keeping a regular maintenance of your computer, then your registry may inevitably become corrupted with bad or missing registry entries. Since the registry is where your data would have to go through for every task run, a corrupt registry would mean screw-ups with the programs it is tasked to run. Consider using a registry cleaner to clean and maintain your system registry.
Another fix that you can use when you are looking to resolve outlook express error codes is to use the Windows Network Diagnostics tool. Use this tool to diagnose any network related issues going on with your computer. Remember, since it is a network diagnostics tool, be sure that you are connected to the internet. Sometimes Outlook Express error codes can be caused by connectivity issues, so the Network Diagnostics tool will be able to determine if that is indeed the case, so it needs to be connected to the network. The incoming and outgoing servers need to be in order before you utilize the network diagnostics tool, otherwise the tool will be of little use, unless of course the problem lies with the server itself.
So you see, the tools to resolve Outlook Express error codes are already on hand. While it may first appear somewhat daunting to resolve, these error codes are in actuality very easy to deal with. There is no reason to lose sleep over Outlook Express error codes when the solutions are on hand. Avoiding such error codes usually means having proper and regular maintenance of your computer.

Adobe photoshop tool shapes

Adobe Photoshop Tool Shapes

In this article you will how to use the 3 must used tools in Photoshop (Magic Tool, Move Tool and the Crop Tool) and once mastered you’ll never be with out them.
Magic Wand:
The Magic Wand Tool (W) selects areas of similar color You can change the tolerance (how close the color values should be to the sampled color in order to be selected) of a Magic Wand selection, and choose whether you want the selection to be contiguous (pixels that are touching) or not (in which case, matching colors across the entire document will be selected)
Tips and Shortcuts for the Magic Wand:
Hold the Shift key to add another selection to the first.
Hold the Alt key (Option key on a Mac) to subtract your new selection from the first.
Hold Shift-Alt (Shift-Option) to select the intersection of your first and second selections.
Use the arrow keys to move the selection pixel by pixel If you feel that this doesn’t move your selection quickly enough, hold down Shift and use the arrow keys to move the selection ten pixels at a time.
Press Ctrl-J (Command-J on a Mac) to copy the selection into its own layer.
To cut the selection into its own layer, press Shift-Ctrl-J (Shift-Command-J)
If this seems familiar to you, it’s because I mentioned earlier how to copy a layer using the same keyboard shortcut Now that you know that not selecting anything sometimes means that everything is selected, it makes sense that simply by selecting a layer in the Layers palette, you can copy the entire layer by pressing Ctrl-J (Command-J)
To deselect a selected area, click outside of it with one of the Marquee tools, or press Ctrl-D (Command-D on a Mac)
To reactivate your last selection, press Shift-Ctrl-D (Shift-Command-D)
The Move Tool:
The Move Tool (V) moves a selected area or an entire layer .
You can invoke the Move Tool temporarily when using most other tools by holding down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Mac)
Tips and Shortcuts for the Move Tool:
For most tools, holding Ctrl-Alt (Command-Option on a Mac) and dragging a selected area will temporarily invoke the Move Tool, allowing you to move and duplicate the selected layer quickly
You can also duplicate a layer by holding down the Alt key (Option key on a Mac) while using the Move Tool,
The Crop Tool:
The Crop Tool (C) is used to trim images Create a selection using the Crop Tool, then double-click the center of the
selection, or press Enter, to crop the image to the size of the selection To cancel without cropping, select another
tool or press the Esc key
Tips and Shortcuts for the Crop Tool:
You can use the Crop Tool to resize your canvas Expand your document window so that it’s larger than the image area, and create a crop selection that includes the image and extends onto the gray areas “outside” the image Applying this crop will resize your canvas to include those extended boundaries, making your canvas larger.

Google dashboard what lies beneath

Google Dashboard: What lies beneath?

Google Inc, the search giant has announced that it will provide a window called Google Dashboard to its users so that they can view what data Google is capturing from their activities on 20 products and services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader etc. The company had been criticized often for accumulating large data about its users and providing easy access to others. With the new application, users can now adjust privacy settings directly via Google Dashboard for their different Google products.
Google Dashboard

The service was launched in the first week of November, 2009 that lists information associated with all the Google services visitors’ use, which includes email address, contact numbers, all the conversations in the Gmail inbox, user’s Google profile and the most recent entries from the web history. It accumulates data from users’ different accounts like Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Web History, Checkout, Reader and YouTube.
According to the company, the Dashboard uses all the information, which was already available in the accounts and settings sections for each Google’s products, thus the new application provides all that information together at one place. For example, in Gmail, the Dashboard will list the number of conversations in your inbox or in your account, as well as your chat sessions.
Google further added that the new application would provide more transparency and control. It will also tell you that what does Google know about you and when did they know it?
Features of Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard uses a small icon to indicate whether the personal information is public or not. For example, if you are using Web Albums, where the pictures are available for public by default, users can upload the pictures and can make them private. Now, the new application can tell users that how many public/private albums they have.
It provides users to visit or edit their recent Google searches and other content formed via Blogger, Picasa, Google Calendar and other services.
Therefore, it can be called as the summarizer or tabulator of your activities on Google. The new service also tells you about your visitors and their comments on your postings/albums.
Privacy concerns

Google has announced the new Dashboard service at the 31st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in response to the privacy concerns about how the search giant handles personal information of its users. The new platform will offer links to privacy policies, help pages and account settings pages.
Where is the dashboard?

Users can find the Google dashboard by punching, or by login into your Google account like Gmail, then clicking on Settings, choosing Account Settings from the dropdown menu and then clicking again on the link next to Dashboard. On the Google Ads Preferences Page, users can specify their interests and can opt for Google’s interest-based advertising.

Now, users can view the information present on the servers of Google, but it is not clear that how the search giant can use the information stored on its servers. However, the Google Dashboard is a nice application and will present useful information to its users.

Discover the easy way to find playstation game downloads for free

Discover The Easy Way To Find Playstation 3 Game Downloads For Free!

Copyright (c) 2009 Grant T Dougan

Unleash The Power of PS3 Game Downloads – Here’s How!

Game consoles had been into new features and game developments in this generation of technology. Competing against the Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and the seventh generation of game consoles is the PlayStation 3 from Sony PlayStation Series. PlayStation 3 is different from the other game consoles because of its distinguished online gaming service feature.

More gamers are looking for ways to download the latest games for their PS3. This article will explain the details on how to go to a certain website and get the latest games and the latest features available for the PlayStation 3.

To avoid getting scammed, do not consider those websites that advertise free downloads of PS3 games. Most of them are only using the site to advertise and to hack. You will not be satisfied with the service they provide and they will only give you additional problems.

Most of these websites are not monitored by the regulatory board which means their system is not authorized to do transactions. Once you download a free game from them, you might also download some malicious wares that may harm your computer and your system.

Aside from the spyware and virus infection, you will also encounter low download speed and some of the games are even damaged. After waiting for a couple of hours, the games that you downloaded from these websites are not even playable. The download may be free but the quality of game is substandard.

What you need to do to get a quality game for your PS3 is to register as a member and join the website especially designed for PS3 game download. These websites are monitored accordingly and are properly guided by the regulatory board to provide services for the satisfaction of gamers. The downloaded games are certified of high standards and no viruses and infections are included.

To become a member, sign-up on the website and pay the lifetime, one-time membership fee of not more than $50. The benefit of this membership is an unlimited download at anytime and anywhere you want to do the download for your PS3. They also offer movies, music, and other files you want to download to your PS3.

Some PlayStation games download websites offer membership on monthly charges while some websites offer “per download” charges. If you are the type of gamer who only use the game console once in a while, these sites may be best for you. But if you want an unlimited service from a website, the one that charges lifetime membership is perfect for your online games download.

Upon membership, you will be fully guided as to what to do to download the games you want. The instructions are provided clearly and comprehensively.

You will surely be satisfied with the services that these websites can provide you as a member. You can download as many games as you want anytime at the faster downloading speed. Use your PlayStation 3 to the fullest with the service from PS3 game download websites.