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Electronics for marine navigation

Electronics For Marine Navigation

Sailing on the open water has always been extremely challenging and also exciting. Boating can be a very rewarding experience if your vessel features the required tools to ensure your safety. Good quality sea-navigation electronic equipment on board helps easier and safer boating.

It is recommended to make sure that, the boat is equipped with certain marine electronics. The minimum requirement for safety is to at least have a VHF Marine Radio and a compass before leaving the shore. Other recommended electronics are a GPS plotter, fish finder or depth sounder, radar, and auto pilot. Other more sophisticated but nice to have items include an Automatic Identification System and a networked navigation system

Marine navigation electronics equipment operation and uses are discussed below:

Auto Pilot: It is a highly recommended tool for mariners set to go on a long voyage. Auto Pilot helps to steer the boat automatically and thus, relieves the person at the helm from fatigue. Auto Pilot is of great help for those that troll while fishing controlling the boat direction automatically, relieving the captain to join and enjoy the fishing. This tool is of great use, as it allows to save fuel by maintaining the vessel on a steady heading.

Fish finder: Those who fish for pleasure or hire enjoy the help provided by a good fish finder. The fish finder operates using SONAR. In principle, the sonar works by sending a signal down trough the water column until it strikes and object with ample mass to return a signal to the devise, thus rendering an image on the screen. Thereby, showing the depth of the fish in relation to bottom structure. If a fish finder is not desired or needed then a depth sounder with a digital readout is ample and less expensive.

Automatic Identification System: It is considered an important electronic tool for marine navigation. It provides other boats with your vital information as well as their information to you such as the exact position of the boat, longitude and latitude, Time stamp, Rate of turn, Course over ground etc. While the vessel is under way, the AIS shows the relevant information every 2 to 10 seconds, whereas when the vessel is anchored, the data is availabe every 3 minutes. In addition to providing the mentioned data, it also presents useful information about other vessel concerning their dimensions, location, and type of the veselboat. It is the ultimate electronic instrument for collision prevemtion.

EPIRB: The Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) also known as distress radio beacon is a transmitter, which helps rescue services to locate boats in distress. The transmissions are rebroadcast from satellites around the world to the various rescue services. Watercraft operators wishing to have an EPIRB must use a digital 406MHz unit. The International Satellite system, Copas-Sarsat stopped monitoring for all but 406MHz signals for distress alert and position data for rescue operation throughout the world..

GPS Plotter: The GPS system now takes over the duty of the old Loran navigation system. GPS signals are broadcast from satellites all over the world that are maintained by the US government. GPS can be presented in digital or map format. The preferred method is on a plotter that is loaded with digital maps of the area you are boating in. Most new VHF radios now have the capability to broadcast your location with a distress signal if connected to a GPS

All you need to know about conference call bridges

All You Need To Know About Conference Call Bridges

Whether you are the owner of a multi-million dollar corporate company or operate a small family business, utilising the benefits of an audio conference bridge requires little effort and time to connect all parties to your conference call.
Conference calls are usually initiated by one caller who contacts the other participants one at a time connecting each person to the call. Having access to your own conference call bridge will eliminate this lengthy and sometimes expensive process. A conference bridge will enable callers to dial a specific phone number and security code which will connect them directly to the conference call. This way it is not left up to one person to contact all participants. Many conference bridges have different options and advanced features to suit your needs.
With the popularity of conference calling increasing, you can find many conference call providers willing to manage your conference calls for a reasonable price, depending on the packeage and service you require, however, if your business uses these services multiple times on a daily bases, then you might want to consider an in-house conference bridge, saving your company time and money. A conference bridge can cost you anywhere in the vacinity of $10,000 to $20,000. However purchasing one can save you a lot of money in the long run.
Owning a call conference bridge also means that you have to supervise its maintenance. Make sure that your equipments are handled with well-trained people. When you have decided on purchasing a conference bridge, make sure it is of high-quality, so when using your conference bridge for long periods of time there will be no issues.
Make sure that you give security of prime importance. A lot of business loose money or even shut down because of information theft caused by inefficient conference call bridges.
Make sure that you give security of prime importance. A lot of business loose money or even shut down because of information theft caused by inefficient conference call bridges.
When looking for a conference bridge, aside from guaranteed security, you should also consider audio quality. Remember that conference bridges are rather pricey, so at least get something that’s worth your money. Voice output should always be clear no matter where you are in the world.

Top nintendo dsi history

Top Nintendo Dsi History

PictoChat is a communication utility included with the Nintendo DSi. Up to 16 individuals could paint-chat with deci other using it, connected wirelessly through a system-to-system wireless connection. It allows des simple input of keyboard text and written text/drawings.
It contains a very simple interface. One of those main techniques is to write mp draw on the touchscreen with a stylus. One could also type a message by touching the on-screen keyboard or by utilizing the Control Pad to select the letter and A to type it. In addition, one could drag letters from the keyboard to nove them anywhere in the chat window.
Pressing Opt for or the retrieve button (the button under the ship button) will recall the image at the bottom of those top screen. Clicking on 1′s name or another’s user’s name will reveal his or her color and profile. PictoChat also allows users to play drawing games.
Nintendo WiFi connection – The Nintendo WiFi connection is an online multiplayer gaming service run by Nintendo to give free online play in compatible Nintendo DS games.
It was developed to be undemanding to connect to, safe for everyone to use, and free. Games designed to take advantage of Nintendo WiFi Connection give internet play integrated into the game. The Nintendo WiFi connection could support up to eight players on the DS.
Simple features of the WiFi connection include worldwide matchmaking, leaderboards, tournaments, and downloadable content. Additional features are on hand between 2 friends who have exchanged Friend Codes.
Currently, there are 93 Nintendo DS games available worldwide that support the Nintendo WiFi connection.
The multiplayer arrangement is very cool as it gives more reason to play and perform better. The menu’s are built very thoughtfully and fault cannot be found anywhere. The matchmaking is very basic and quick. It increases the value of the Nintendo DSi.

Cheap r dsi and never look back

Cheap R4 Dsi And Never Look Back

Yes, it’s true!! I decided to cheap r4 dsi for my Dsi console and my console experience has never been better. Gone are the days when I had to worry about compatibility and game saves. This is the perfect answer to all your console issues. The problem that most DS/Dsi owners have is concerning saved games.cheap r4 Dsi and you will never have those problems. During the first use of the cart you will find that it does not save the first instance but the next time the game starts from where you left off.This is a great help for me as it allows me to make many random save points for any game.
The question of homebrew compatibility has also been on most users’minds and the previous versions of the r4 only supported a limited number of homebrew applications.cheap r4 Dsi and this is also taken care of.I carry my console to most places and with previous flashcarts I had a recurring issue of Wi-Fi connectivity.The r4 Dsi supports Wi-Fi very well and has also extended browser features. It will also give you no problems regarding file transfer from your computer.
Perhaps the starkest feature that influenced me to cheap r4 Dsi is that it has a slot 1 type for micro SD cards. This enables you to not only increase the storage capacity of the card but also the speed of the cart adjusts itself to the speed of the SD card. This ensures that there is no lag in games and makes file allocation possible in FAT32 and Fat 16. The Moonshell feature that enables you to read media files and even make video on your console; with the added bonus of SDHC support up to a 4 GB SD card will surely make you cheap r4 Dsi.