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The next big thing on the internet

The “NEXT BIG THING” on the Internet

The word “podcasting” is used often around the internet these days, although many people are still not exactly clear on just what a podcast is! Simply put, a podcast is a blog (web log) that is made available in audio format. The audio portion is a standard MP3 file that contains a program or “show” that can be created by anyone. Think of it as a radio talk show that can be transmitted from a computer.
The podcast transmission uses Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology. It may seem complicated but, as the name implies, it is actually fairly simple. There are many resources available to help people learn how to record and set up a podcast. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. In fact, with just a few easy to learn skills, some low-cost (or free) computer programs, and the basic computer equipment and internet connections that you probably already have, YOU can create a podcast and host your own show.
In addition to setting up a podcast, you’ll also want to provide a written blog that offers helpful, supplemental text for your podcast material. For example, you may briefly mention a topic in your podcast and then tell your listeners: “For more information on this topic, please see the web site….” In this way, you can expand the amount of information your subscribers receive from your transmission.
When you have set up a blog and website, anyone with an internet connection can subscribe to your show. Listeners will use an RSS “aggregator,” such as Doppler or Ipodder. Both of these are FREE downloadable program that allow others to subscribe to any podcast of interest. They’re easy to set up and can be pre-configured to check for new podcast updates at set intervals. In this way, a subscriber doesn’t have to be “tuned in” to your podcast at a certain time; he can just receive notice of an update that is automatically downloaded to his computer and then listen to it at his leisure. Subscribers listen to these files just like their music files, using Windows Media Player, iTunes, or any other similar audio program that is compatible with MP3 files.
Needless to say, the topics of a podcast are limitless. For example, maybe you have a special interest (even expertise) in fly-fishing. What a great idea to have a podcast devoted to the art and adventures of this great sport! You can share techniques, stories, and even take live calls during pre-set transmission times. Podcasting offers you the opportunity to become a true “internet personality.”

Ways how to remove porn from hard drive

Ways How To Remove Porn From Hard Drive

Have you ever wondered how remove porn from your computer once and for all so it can never be detected on your computer again? If you have looked up porn on your computer, or you accidentally visited a porn site it will be recorded on your computer and there is not much that you can do to remove porn! A lot of people ask, how to remove porn from my computer hard drive. The big issue with that is that you can quite easily lose your family and your job over having illegal porn found on your computer hard drive.

Do you want to know how to remove porn from your computer once and for all? Well, luckily for you there actually is a way how to remove porn from your computer once and for all and this particular software is called Porn Terminator This software is guaranteed to remove porn from your computer forever and leave no trace of it to be found on your computer! This software is compatible with any computer, whether its windows vista, xp or any other earlier versions and will even work on MAC’s.

This porn removing software is highly recommended amongst respected IT specialists and i highly recommend it if you are trying to remove porn once and for all from your computer! All it takes is to download the software, fire it up and it will find and removee all porn on your computer, no porn will get left behind! This software is guaranteed to help you remove all porn from your hard drive fast and easy and it the porn history will never be traced to you! So you can go on as many porn sites as you like and use this software to delete all porn evidence off your hard drive!

This Is What It Does When You Use It…


  • All Your Cache
  • All Index .dat Files That You Can Not Clear Yourself
  • All Your Saved Browsing History
  • Temoporary Internet Files
  • All Cokies
  • All Other Files That Record Internet Activity

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This software will erase all traces of your internet use completely, even if a computer forensic examines your computer, there will be no porn traces and history found on your computer. All you need to do is download the software and run it every time you finish using internet explorer or firefox and you will be completely safe!

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Print spooler reason of errors

Print Spooler – Reason Of Errors

It’s thorougly straightforward if we determined to carry out a racing among a machine processor and a line printer, printing device would manifest as an irredeemable outsider. Print spooler is a trustworthy griefmate who can bail a long and deliberate line printer out. Print spooler is a good master: it understands how to put priorityies to accelerate printing proceeding. Print spooler is a most common spooling system software. Print spooler is like an advance who settles who is the primary and who is the following on the printing stage. Print line hasn’t got any questions associated with hassles or quarrels about whose turn is now by virtue of print spooler. Print spooler is a most noted service of ones which build upon their make business on spooling. “Always at watch” is a slogan of print spooler. Print spooler establishs a print queue discipline to every paper. Print spooler keeps up on optimal order in a printing queue and follows its redress acquittal. Print spooler works round the clock and doesn’t claim any fees for it. If print spooler error displays, all print proceedings interrupt at the same time. Human ingratitude is so great that a buyer is concerned about what has descended to his/her print spooler, what it actually is and whether print spooler has ever existed on buyer’s machine only if print spooler is blue in the face and can do nothing any more because of print spooler error. If you need to print tons of documents per day print spooler turning off or print spooler error can become a unexpected question for you. A few people usually care print spooler till print spooler in the end stops its make business. Print spooler is a more important thing for print than paper or ink. Print spooler can disfunction when more than one line printer drivers are inconsistent amid themselves. A priority matter of print spooler error exterminate is a lot of feasible breakdown causes. Print spooler error and breakdown can be a outcome of registry defects. Some troubles in your registry are presumable reasoned by a print spooler error. Print spooler can be corrupted accidentally. You can delete or damage print spooler files by chance. Independent print spooler error eliminateing is almost impossible because it’s associated with Windows system and PC registry converts. Print Spooler Fix Wizard automatic help can usually place your print spooler on alert in several seconds. A apt print spooler error reason is malicious programs activity. Print spooler error is a prevalent problem and every buyer encounters it for this once. Print Spooler Fix Wizard is licence applications and you can attempt its inferiority yourself. If you meet print spooler error you can receive automatic treatment – Print Spooler Fix Wizard right here, right away. Your printing device will be debug by means of Print Spooler Fix Wizard. The best function I like in Print Spooler Fix Wizard is that it can destroye your print spooler error with several mouse clicks and for not more than V minutes. Print Spooler Fix Wizard is a good solution for users being in hurry and those who don’t desire to go bald-headed and are not steady to mess up. Your costs will be back if you keep unsuited with Printer Spooler Fix Wizard.

Obama or hillary you decide

Obama or Hillary: You Decide

The older the Tennessee Mountain Man gets the more he finds himself contemplating the history written in his lifetime, and how that history effects the present. In the midst of the 2008 political season there are inescapable memories and applications both good and bad of yesteryear.
A recent visit between the computer man and a politically well connected lawyer friend turned on the topics of politics, the election season at hand, and how the 2008 elections bring memories of the “good run” the two men had enjoyed in their life as well as the pain they had endured. Both now finding themselves leaning right recalled their happier years growing up in democratichouseholds and finding that sixty (60) years of living, loving, and maturing gives one quiet a perspective.
Hillary Clinton for example dredges up memories like the Rose Law Firm, Kathleen Willy, lost files, “that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, perjury, Gennifer Flowers, smoking pot without inhaling, Paula Jones, white water, Susan McDougal ad infinitum.
Barack Obama stirs up memories as well. Memories like the pride that swells up in a boy’s heart for his country as he watches Chet Huntley and David Brinkley televise and report on the operations of the republican and democratic conventions in real time.
As Hillary, like Tammy Wynette, stands by her man she conjures up recollections not of The Possum (George Jones) but of George Wallace and his wife, Lurleen who ruled as Governors of Alabama during the 1960s and 1970s. A time most people would rather not revisit.
On the other hand Obama is trailed by the legacy of another young man of that era. A United States Senator, a Roman Catholic, by the name of John F. Kennedy stirred a nation and caught the imagination and hope of the American people when he dared run for and win the Presidency of the United States.
The Clintons bring back memories of Bull Conner and his attack dogs while Obama brings ringing memories of Freedom Marches, of Martin Luther King, of Jack Kennedy and of Robert Kennedy.
The Clinton’s win at any price hardball back room politics bring back memories of FBI Director J Edgar Hoover and his abuse of power taping and spying on Dr King and political operatives of both parties for his personal aggrandizement. He black mailed our leaders of the day keeping the pressure on. With certain kinds of people, the end justifies the means.
George and Laurleen bought black votes by buying off the religious leaders. The fact was that they could not have stayed in power without the support of the African-Americans living in Alabama. At least one Fox reporter has said the Clinton Machine is providing Black church clerics with “walking around money” for their support against Obama, one of their own. Hello! Bill Clinton was not the first black president, but Obama could be. Clinton was and is the “other white meat”, you know, the one the Holy Bible warns you against.
Obama having run a clean campaign faces a Clinton Machine which, to state only a couple of examples, first introduced racial issues into the democratic primary by race baiting, and which raised the youthful indiscretions of Obama trying to make the masses believe him to be an addict and drug dealer. What ever happened to the old adage, “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house”? Or the rule requiring a plaintiff to have clean hands to bring an action?
If the Clinton Machine is not bonking you they are pimping you and whether they like it or not they got caught pimping their daughter. Yet they appear to be able feign pain as well as Hillary does tears and get all out of joint when called on it. It brings back the memories of Bill’s righteous indignation over what the meaning of “is” – “is”. Makes one remember Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy” which turned out to be nothing more than Bill Clinton’s zipper. They don’t, however, seem to have an issue with our troops fighting a war on foreign soil being referred to as pimps.
The Clinton Machine changed its collective mind and expressed a desire to seat Michigan and Florida delegates after they fudged on campaigning and managed to win an election in states that were not supposed to count for anything in the 2008 democratic party nominating process. But no caucus says Billary, we would lose that.
Billary always wanting to change the rules in the middle of the game. They remind yours truly of the kid who always managed to empty a playground by just showing up.
Hillary vs. Obama. The 2008 election truly is a choice between yesterday and tomorrow.