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Stay linked to your customer with direct email marketing

Stay Linked To Your Customer With Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is the solution to a very big problem for online retailers. Ask anyone looking at the traffic reports for their online store and they will tell you that nothing drives them more crazy than getting someone to their site (either naturally or through an advertisement) and then seeing them leave. They’re gone into the abyss that is the online market place, possibly never to return again. At this point they’re pretty much gone. This represents another lost customer, lost revenue, and increased frustration. If only there was some way you could stay linked in with that customer. You know they had some interest in your offering (after all, they ended up at your site in the first place) and maybe their next trip is the one that converts. Introduce a direct email marketing solution as part of your marketing and strategic mix and you might be able to lure those lost patrons back.
It’s a proven fact that it can take up to 6 touch points before a customer trusts you enough to make a purchase. Are you planning on achieving all 6 touch points on one visit? That is a very ambitious goal. Chances are you’ll get some touch points in on the first visit, but those are only the first steps. You can easily add a signup box to your website from any major email marketing company and collect visitors’ addresses. Once you have that, it’s a path to getting the necessary touch points to seal the deal.
Once you have a person’s permission to contact them (remember, do not spam as it will hurt your business in the long run!) you can easily create snazzy email marketing promotion to get them back to your site. Whether you’re selling T-shirts, office furniture, or DVDs, you know that certain deals just can’t be passed up. Why not put one of those deals in front of your customers and get their mouth a little wet. Even if it’s been weeks since they visited your t-shirt site, for example, if you offer a “buy 1 shirt, get 1 free” deal, you’ll see an instant spike in traffic and a boost in conversions. Reaching out to customer has always been the role of direct marketing, but now, with email marketing, it all happens electronically.
Direct email marketing is a powerful tool that can boost your sales, but don’t expect that to happen without a little effort on your part. You need to take the time to understand your customers, know what interests them, figure out how to pique their curiosity and make an offer based on all that. The more you target your email marketing message effectively, the greater your response rates will be, and the faster people will come back to your online store.
The online retail marketing place is fiercely aggressive and there are tons of competitors just a click away from your site. You need to outperform the competition by making sure your store is in front of the customer a lot more. With direct email marketing campaigns you can get your store information and special offers right in their inbox. You will ingrain your online brand in their minds so that come purchase time, they’ve racked up enough touch points that their decision is easy.
Direct email marketing is a gateway to building the relationships with your customers that will make them want to buy from you. By staying linked with your customers, you will develop an edge, because your offers will extend beyond your website and into the inbox of potential buyers.

Ninja games online bowja the ninja

Ninja Games Online- Bowja The Ninja 2

Bowja the Ninja 2 is a free online ninja game that is designed by Robin Vencel and published by Pencilkids Ltd. This online ninja game could be labeled a strategy game due to the method of game play, in which you need to guide your character with the right moves in order to prevent the enemy from killing you. The main character in the game is Bowja, the ninja. Unlike other ninja games, the cast of characters in this game are smaller in size.

According to the storyline of the game, the bad guy Abura has stolen a powerful missile. Abura planned to use the missile to kill the innocent people. He will only stop his plan if his requirements are met. It so happens, that a bold ninja called Bowja has volunteered to fight against Abura. The weapon that Abura uses to defeat the enemy is an arrow. The mission of the player in this online ninja game is to enter the compound that belonged to Abura. Before going in, you have to neutralize Bigman’s henchman. After you have made it inside, you must deactivate the satellite dish that controls the missile. Once you have deactivated the satellite dish, you have to escape the compound.

In Bowja the Ninja 2 game, you can control the menu and character by using the mouse cursor. To make the character go forward, you simply click on an object or location on your computer screen. There are several symbols that give you a small tip on how to play the game. If you see a red circle with an arrow, you must wait for it to disappear before you can start playing. If you see the normal mouse cursor, it means that you are free to move around. If you see a hand cursor, it indicates that the object is clickable. If you don’t see the hand cursor, it means that you cannot proceed to the direction.

The player will get to ride on different types of vehicles including motorcycles, and jet. He can ride on a jet and travel from place to place. Players use the mouse cursor to control the direction of the jet. If your jet happens to hit the enemy on a platform, the enemies will die. To attack an enemy, you simply point on him with your mouse cursor. After that, the character will automatically draw out a bow and shoot the enemy target. You only have to shoot once to kill the enemy. The enemies in Bowja the Ninja 2 are clad in purple outfit whereas you are dressed in red outfit. The enemies die by falling down from a platform rather than showing blood splatter or disappear by itself.

There are several levels that you have to complete in Bowja the Ninja 2. The elapsed time is recorded on the top right corner of the screen. On the top left corner, you will see a button that reads “Click to Toggle Quality”. If you click on the Click to Toggle Quality button, the graphic quality will change, this is useful if playing on an older and slower computer.

Bowja the Ninja 2 is a family friendly free ninja game. It is suitable to be played by children, teenagers and adults.

How to unwind with computer gaming

How to Unwind With Computer Gaming

Computer games are a great way to have fun from the comfort of your own home. Many games that have been released for major consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 have also debuted on personal computers. Computer games are often less expensive than console games, and the tech-savvy have a better ability to customize and manipulate gameplay.
Unlike consoles, you technically never have to pay to play a computer game. Thousands of online websites host games that you can play for free, and most of them are as entertaining as something you would have to buy. When you get tired of one game, you can just move on to another one, which will satisfy you for a long period of time until you find a new game. Some websites allow you to play games that are submitted by users of the site itself, creating a never ending flow of new media and games to try. If you know where to look online, you can find the perfect game to meet your unique interests.
Renting games, whether for a console or PC, has become incredibly expensive. New games for next generation systems cost around sixty dollars, and just to rent one is about ten. Why spend all that money when you can play the same game for next to nothing on your computer? Businesses have realized this need and met it by creating websites that allow users to download games. All you need to do is pay a small fee, and you will gain access to a huge assortment of games available for download. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have enough hard disk space and RAM to accommodate the files.
There are certain games that you need to buy and cannot be downloaded. Online multiplayer games, like World of Warcraft, fit into this category. World of Warcraft, or WoW as it is commonly referred to as, is the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG. Although the game has taken some heat for being too addictive,Blizzard, the company which created WoW, has attempted to rectify their image by launching commercials featuring celebrities talking about how they play the game.
If you have some time on your hands and want to be part of a vibrant online community, WoW is the ideal choice. Besides WoW, other MMORPGs include Everquest and Final Fantasy XI. Depending on which one you choose, you may have to pay a monthly fee, although games that require subscriptions are usually of higher quality.
Not just any computer can handle every game on the market. People who use computers primarily for gaming should consider investing in a gaming computer, which has unique specifications and equipment made for handling the loads that fast paced games put on it. Although most games can run relatively fine on standard computers, they may be prone to glitches or freezing, sometimes frequently. There is no need to buy a gaming computer if you are not an avid gamer, as these types of computers can run into the thousands. However, the price is definitely worth it, as you will notice an incredible difference in how your games run and play on gaming PCs.

Remanufactured toners and used cartridges at the best prices

Remanufactured toners and Used cartridges at the best Prices!

Today with the economy being the way it is, everyone is looking for different ways to save money wherever they can. These days almost everybody who owns a computer will also own a printer. However, toners and cartridges can be very expensive if you do a lot of printing. If you are looking for couple of ways to save money you should consider using remanufactured toners and used cartridges.

Instead of going in for remanufactured toners and used cartridges, many people use a refill kit in order to lower the costs of cartridges and toners. One try at refilling a cartridge, depending on IF the cartridge is actually refillable, will stop any consumer from ever trying this method ever again. The process is extremely messy. Some cartridges have a memory chip installed on them to communicate to the printer the level of the ink in the cartridge. The added expense of buying a device to reset the computer chip on the cartridge alone is costly. Not to mention the fact, the refilled cartridge has poor quality once used.

What is another option to paying the high costs for the regular ink cartridge or the messiness of trying to refill the cartridge? The answer is using used cartridges and remanufactured toners. Besides the cost benefits of remanufactured toners and used cartridges, they are also more environmentally friendly.

Used empty toner cartridges are not only a hazard to the health of people when the unused ink is inhaled it presents an ecological nightmare. In the past, without any thought of the hazards created by tossing out the used cartridges, many people were not aware of the ecological harm they were participating in. With public awareness on this issue, recycled used cartridges and remanufactured toners were born.

Picture the local news broadcasts that show the landfills across the nation overflowing with the normal garbage. Compound this with the fact the nation also allows other countries to use our landfills. By reducing the number of empty used cartridges, consumers are helping to reduce the national garbage in the landfills.

Besides the benefits to the ecological system, used cartridges and remanufactured toners provide benefits of being more cost efficient to the consumer by passing down the lower pricing. Recycled ink cartridges provide the same great quality as the higher priced original cartridges. Without spending more money than most consumers needs to spend on the toners and cartridges, remanufactured toners and recycled used cartridges help keep the money in the pockets of the consumer.

Statistics have shown more consumers and businesses are using recycled used cartridges and remanufactured toners as a way to save money while also helping to do their share in preserving the ecological balance. With the amount of harmful chemicals already in the world being dumped into the earth, removing the hazardous unused ink means every consumer purchasing a recycled ink cartridge is in avertedly contributing to this preservation of our world.

Shopetone is a renowned supplier of remanufactured toners used cartridges. In doing so, not only is the company providing the customer with a low-cost solution; they also are thinking of the environmental issues facing the world today. For consumers who are concerned about their mounting expenses and also the rapidly deteriorating state of the ecology, buying from Shopetone is the best solution.