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Technology communications role of technology communications in development

Technology Communications – Role Of Technology Communications In Development

Today technology has invaded many aspects of human life. From its gigantic power on our education and professional growth, to the more delicate presence of little gadgets littering our homes, technology is nearly everywhere.

Unhappily, it does not need much analysis to understand that even though technology usage is growing fast in Africa, we still have numerous developmental problems in our continent. This is a situation where higher technology is coexisting with underdevelopment in Africa. With all the control that technology wields, it will be a helpful exercise to study the ways in which it can be used to solve some of those very problems it has come to meet. In essence, using our little gadgets to solve our huge problems. This is the surroundings against which this study is undertaken. Asking whether our problems can be solved at all, then enumerating instances where technology communication and development projects that utilize technology have been put to work, and concluding by investigative the cases and drawing lessons from them. The limits to what the human mind can imagine and achieve are increasing. More discoveries have been made, more things have been shaped, more theories have been proved and disproved, more machines have been made and more troubles have been formed. Scientific technology and technology communications has been the driving force behind all these. Science has certainly proved to be influential tool which has touched many people and has shaped many communities.

As per Concise Oxford dictionary 10th edition, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Undoubtedly from this definition we can see that scientific information may exist theoretically but it only becomes technology when it is used in practical settings. For instance we may say the information of the rules of up-thrust and buoyancy is theoretical, however practical use of these rules to manufacture airplanes could be termed aircraft technology.

How to have an effective antivirus installation

How to Have an Effective Antivirus Installation

So, you are looking for ways to protect your computer from the attack of perilous computer viruses. And for this, one of the sure shot ways is antivirus installation. If you are looking out for buying installation services for the same, you must search for kind of services, pricing, and features you are getting along. In case you are not abreast with technical aspects of desktops and laptops, you may consider availing help from online computer support resources which are 24×7 available to cater customer’s requirements.

People generally try to download free antivirus software program from the Internet. But it can be risky! You should not rely on the working of free antivirus programs, as they are never updated. And antivirus software is completely futile without proper updates. Also, all antivirus programs don’t possess the ability to deal with every kind of computer viruses. Thus, it makes sense to have experts by your side to help your computer fight against internal as well as external security threats.

You can also consider computer support professionals who will acquaint you with each and everything about perfect antivirus software. They can help you choose the program as well as install/configure/and upgrade it. There is some antivirus software which can affect efficiency of your computers and make them slower. Therefore, first know all the features of the software and then only buy it.

Antivirus installation is not the only service that you can avail from your computer support resource. There are several other companies which offer a complete array of PC support services for one flat rate. The best part of availing help from computer or technical support company is their 24×7 availability which is not to be found with local PC repair shops.

You just need starting your Internet and you will be surprised to see thousands of computer support companies offering you the best computer repair services at the most competitive prices.

Top ten secrets to a healthy computer a happier you

Top Ten Secrets to A Healthy Computer & A Happier You

There comes a time in a person’s life where no matter how much you fight it time takes its toll and we begin to slow down in how we perform our daily activities. However, in order to extend our youthful glow and energy levels it is important to eat right, exercise, and keep a positive outlook on life.
Now you may ask what has any of that got to do with “Secrets To A Healthy Computer?”
Well, in a way we’re all just like a computer. If you neglect to take care of yourself you soon will cease to function properly and the many tasks that once were easy to do now take twice as long to accomplish and often require you to rest or “reboot” after a malfunction.
I can’t tell you what foods to eat or what exercises to perform because I am not a nutritionist. Although, with my experiences in the personal computer field I can share with you some tips of how to keep that rectangle box of circuitry that sits within sights range functioning at maximum performance as long as time will allow.
Some important steps to follow are….
*Make certain that your computer is located in a well-ventilated area and that all air vents are unobstructed to prevent overheating and premature failure to any internal components.
*Clean out the dust build-up at least every 6 months from the inside of the computer case including case vents, power supply vents, and all visible circuitry with a few cans of compressed air that can be purchased from any major computer store or electronics outlet. This will help reduce the chances of over-heating and circuitry damage.
Before cleaning just be certain to always unplug the computer from the wall outlet and never physically contact the circuitry inside the computer case to prevent damage.
*Be prepared for an unsuspected failure by always making backups of any important data that you do not and can not afford to lose.
I personally keep updated backups of my website and even store the disks at a remote location away from my every day use computers just in case a disaster were to occur and my main computers were destroyed resulting in the need for those lost files.
*Purchase and install a well known anti-virus program that can be regularly updated with the latest virus definitions and ran during boot-up to help protect your computer from being the victim of an unwanted infestation.
*Every few months or so run your computer’s “Scandisk” program followed by the “Defragmenter” program to maximize the efficiency of your hard drive.
If you are not certain of how to use these utilities and being that the steps to execute these programs varies slightly from one operating system to the other it would be easiest to simply use the “Help” option that can be found by clicking on the START button found on your computers desktop.
The START menu will open up a drop-down-box that should display the “Help” option. By going here you can enter the keywords that deal with the answers to the subject you are searching for.
*Run your computers “Disk Cleanup” utility every other week or so. If set the “Disk Cleanup” utility will automatically empty the recycling bin and recover some wasted disk space by removing the internet temporary files that seem to always accumulate.
Again, use the “Help” option if you are uncertain of how to perform this task.
*Never smoke near a computer because the cooling fans will pull the smoke into the case where it can coat the inside parts of the computer with a residue which in turn can damage sensitive components.
*Place the computer case in an area where it will not be accidentally kicked or bumped to prevent the loosening of cables and damage to internal parts.
*Invest in a high quality surge protector to provide your computer and monitor against voltage spikes or “surges” that can dramatically shorten the life of your system. Just like most items in a store, “You get what you pay for”. So don’t skimp out on this important device!
Its also not a bad idea to invest in a surge protector that includes what is called a “Data Line Protector” which allows you to connect your telephone lines to and serves the same purpose for the telephone line to your modem just like the surge protector does for the electrical household current lines.
*Finally, if you plan on being away from home for more that a few days at a time or if there is a thunderstorm brewing in your area it is a very wise decision to always unplug ALL electrical lines and modem telephone lines from your system. Even with a surge protector installed it is possible that such a large voltage spike such as one caused by a lightening strike could prove fatal to any computer system.
If you follow these simple steps the outcome is a healthy computer that will stay by your side and treat you well which also results in a happier you.

Driver robot crack free download

Driver Robot Crack Free Download

Basically, the work speed of your computer depends on how the drivers of all software and hardware run together. If the drivers are out-of-date, you computer will become very slow, what is worse, it could not satisfy you when you need to do some complicated job. However, choosing the driver update which should be install in you PC will never be easy, because you do not have so much time to judge which is the right one among all the options on the internet.
Driver Robot is a driver scan and update software which just can help you select the suitable update driver to download and install in your computer.

Driver Robot runs with a 100 mbps quick link. Whenever you access your computer to the internet, it begins to search the target driver updates automatically. It is safe and has good system compatibility, which means you do not need to worry about the infection of the upgrades, nor the conflicts between your different kinds of devices in the computer. Registry entries will not be played with it, because all Drive Robot does is to find the proper drivers to match your hardware specifications and then installs them. The latest versions of the drivers will be found by Driver Robot; moreover, the models of PC devices will be accurately detected. So you can always keep the new versions of drivers’ updates match the software and hardware in your PC. Furthermore, Driver Robot has a database which has 100,000 plus drivers for video card, sound card, CPU, mother board, DVD, key board, mouse, hard disk, network card, scanner, printer and other devices. It supports device drivers from manufacturers like Intel, ASUS, NVIDIA, ATI, HP, AMD, Cannon and so on. The large data base will cover as many devices as you wish!

Last but not the least: yes, you need to pay for it. But just think about what a high-efficient your PC will become after you use it, not to mention that you will get 24/7 technical and after sales support!

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