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The future of technology

The Future Of Technology

Technology in recent years has advanced very quickly. I remember just a few years ago using an Apple Computer where you had to type in commands for the computer to do anything. It also had very flimsy disks to run program, which could easily be damaged. Now we have computers that will almost run themselves. You no longer have to type in commands; you can either click on icons with your mouse or choose options from a menu.
I believe technology is the fastest growing and advancing thing in our economy today. Almost everything is based on computers or some other form of technology to run it. Computers are constantly being updated…a computer system can be out of date in a matter of months. Its not only computer though. Things like weapons technology and mobile communications i.e. cell phones, pagers, and hand-held computers (Palm Pilots).
I have found many different types of technological advances. One that I found is called the OICW. Which stands for . It is a new weapon that the government hopes to implement by the year 2006, which isn’t too far off. This weapon will allow you to see and shoot around corners with out exposing yourself at all. It works by having a camera implemented into the scope of the gun. Then you have a little screen that comes down off of the helmet and fits right over your eye allowing you to see where the gun is pointed and what it is looking at.
Technology will continue to grow every day, every month and every year. Soon the technology we have now will be considered antiques and no longer be used anywhere. Some think that eventually they will hit a point where they can’t progress any further…but I think as long is there is technology we will continue to improve it.

Think about cleaning organizing in your computer

Think about Cleaning & Organizing in Your Computer

It is a good idea to think of your PC as an office. It stores files, programs, and pictures. This can be compared to an actual office’s files, machines and decorations. The operating system is the boss. With this image in mind, think of an office you’ve visited that was slow and inefficient. There were probably many different reasons for the inefficiency. This is the same with a computer. There can be many items that slow down your computer. Perhaps the one most commonly overlooked is disorganization and clutter.

Disk Cleanup

An office can accumulate a lot of unnecessary files, machines, and decorations. This is the same with your computer. One of the best ways to keep this clutter under control is to perform a cleaning utility periodically. In Windows this cleaning utility will be called a “disk cleanup.” It removes a variety of unnecessary files depending on the options you have selected.

To perform a disk cleanup on Windows XP you can simply click on “my computer” under the start menu. Than right click on your “c drive” or “hard disk” and choose properties. Than click “disk cleanup” and follow the prompts. When selecting files to clean up, or delete, Windows will give you information to help you decide. When looking over the list of file types, you would simple click on the name of the file type and read the description placed below in the description area. This will let you know if the files can be safely deleted. To select the file group just check the box next to the group name. When finished selecting press “OK” to finish.

Now, performing a disk cleanup is not very time consuming, just a couple minutes, and it may save more time in the end by making your computer run faster. However, a disk cleanup should be run periodically rather than just once in a great while. One way to make this run periodically is to make it a scheduled task. This will allow your computer to run it automatically with intervals and time of day determined by you. Yet, you can always run it yourself periodically without creating a scheduled task.

Add or Remove Programs

The information given above can help you get rid of some unnecessary files, but you may also need to clean out some unnecessary programs as well. This can be done using the “add or remove programs” utility in Windows. This is located in the control panel and lists all of your currently installed programs along with an option to uninstall them. It is a good idea to browse through the add or remove programs utility every once in a while just to make sure that all programs are of usefulness.

If there are programs listed that are no longer used, you can simply highlight the program and click the uninstall button. Windows will than begin the process to uninstall the program. In most cases, to finish uninstalling a program, it is wise to restart your computer. This will dump and files that are held temporarily.

The add or remove programs utility is very useful, but not all of the programs are listed up front. Programs that come pre-installed on your computer and the Windows operating system can also be uninstalled. For instance, Outlook Express is a default e-mail program that comes with the Windows XP operating system. If you do not use this e-mail program you can uninstall it. Click “add or remove windows components” found in the add or remove programs utility and simply follow the instructions.


Many offices contain a large number of files and programs that are valuable and cannot be thrown away. In fact, they may contain files that are not even used, but still have to be retained for some reason. Although these files must remain in the office, they need to be organized. This is why we create file folders that hold groups of files that are related. Than we store them in cabinets that are arranged in alphabetic order.

In a computer, the files that are saved are placed on the hard drive. However, they are placed according to the time that they were saved. So, if you open a word document and save the file as “file A” and than open another document and save it as “file B”, you have a “file A” placed next to “file B.” This is fine, but if you open “file A” later on and save it again, than the added information is saved next to “file B.”

When files are broken up this way it is referred to as a fragmented file. This means that the computer must find the first part of the file and then find the second part of the file to open that one word document. This can make your computer run slower. However, Windows has created a utility that is meant to rearrange files so that they are no longer fragmented but sit right next to each other.

You can run the disk defragmenter by selecting “all programs” under the start button. Next, select “accessories” and “system tools” and you will see “disk defragmenter.” In fact, this is also an alternative way to select the disk cleanup mentioned earlier. Before starting the defragmenter you can analyze your hard drive to see if Windows recommends performing the defragmenter. It will either say that you should or should not defragment at this time.

If you need to defragment your computer, simply hit the defragment button. It may take your computer a while to finish this task depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of defragmented files. It could take from about 15-30 minutes or more. However, you can still use the computer while the disk defragmenter is working.

Ninja games online bowja the ninja

Ninja Games Online- Bowja The Ninja 2

Bowja the Ninja 2 is a free online ninja game that is designed by Robin Vencel and published by Pencilkids Ltd. This online ninja game could be labeled a strategy game due to the method of game play, in which you need to guide your character with the right moves in order to prevent the enemy from killing you. The main character in the game is Bowja, the ninja. Unlike other ninja games, the cast of characters in this game are smaller in size.

According to the storyline of the game, the bad guy Abura has stolen a powerful missile. Abura planned to use the missile to kill the innocent people. He will only stop his plan if his requirements are met. It so happens, that a bold ninja called Bowja has volunteered to fight against Abura. The weapon that Abura uses to defeat the enemy is an arrow. The mission of the player in this online ninja game is to enter the compound that belonged to Abura. Before going in, you have to neutralize Bigman’s henchman. After you have made it inside, you must deactivate the satellite dish that controls the missile. Once you have deactivated the satellite dish, you have to escape the compound.

In Bowja the Ninja 2 game, you can control the menu and character by using the mouse cursor. To make the character go forward, you simply click on an object or location on your computer screen. There are several symbols that give you a small tip on how to play the game. If you see a red circle with an arrow, you must wait for it to disappear before you can start playing. If you see the normal mouse cursor, it means that you are free to move around. If you see a hand cursor, it indicates that the object is clickable. If you don’t see the hand cursor, it means that you cannot proceed to the direction.

The player will get to ride on different types of vehicles including motorcycles, and jet. He can ride on a jet and travel from place to place. Players use the mouse cursor to control the direction of the jet. If your jet happens to hit the enemy on a platform, the enemies will die. To attack an enemy, you simply point on him with your mouse cursor. After that, the character will automatically draw out a bow and shoot the enemy target. You only have to shoot once to kill the enemy. The enemies in Bowja the Ninja 2 are clad in purple outfit whereas you are dressed in red outfit. The enemies die by falling down from a platform rather than showing blood splatter or disappear by itself.

There are several levels that you have to complete in Bowja the Ninja 2. The elapsed time is recorded on the top right corner of the screen. On the top left corner, you will see a button that reads “Click to Toggle Quality”. If you click on the Click to Toggle Quality button, the graphic quality will change, this is useful if playing on an older and slower computer.

Bowja the Ninja 2 is a family friendly free ninja game. It is suitable to be played by children, teenagers and adults.

Macintosh computers come with many great applications preloaded

Macintosh Computers Come With Many Great Applications Pre-Loaded

Macintosh computers come complete with almost everything you need built into the computer. Let’s take a minute to check out just what comes with a Mac right “out of the box”. With the built in software included, you can edit movies, pictures and music, as well as manage your email, calendars and contacts. In fact, so much is included pre-loaded with the computer that you probably won’t have to buy a lot of additional programs later on. Let’s go over what you’ll see on your dock at the bottom of the screen when you turn your computer on.

First thing you’ll notice is the Finder. The Finder is the windowing system for the computer, however, you’ll notice it most with the translucent bar at the top of your screen. The Finder lets you quit applications, as well as access preferences, the file, edit, etc. menus.

The next application you’ll see on your dock is Dashboard. Dashboard allows you to access Widgets. You can access Dashboard by clicking on the icon in the Dock or pressing F12 on your keyboard. You can add and delete widgets by clicking on the “+” sign at the lesser left hand side of your screen as well as download new widgets on apple.

Mail is the next application you’ll see, it’s the basic mail application. You’ll be prompted to input your email account’s information into the application when you launch it for the first time. Mail also allows you to keep notes and make To Do lists along with the usual, compose, send and automatically receive email from your account.

Next you’ll see Safari. Safari is one of the Mac’s premier web browsers. Safari is considered to be one of the fastest browsers out there, and allows you to keep RSS feeds in order, make RSS feeds of selected parts of a web page as well as having excellent integration with the operating system.

Address Book is the next app you’ll see. Address Book lets you input all of your information for contacts for anyone you know, including phone numbers, web pages and, of course, addresses. You’ll find this application also has excellent integration with other applications on your system and is more useful in other applications more than on it’s own.

Next up you’ll have iCal. iCal has become the standard for calendaring applications on the internet. iCal lets you easily manage your upcoming events and easily syncs with your iPod, iPhone, the web and other computers you may have. Preview is another application that is fairly desecrate within your computing experiences. Preview is what opens whenever you open a PDF document or an image. You probably won’t open this from the Dock very often, but it is most likely crucial to normal computing.

Next up we have the iLife suite. The iLife suite is probably the most interesting part of your new Mac. iLife includes iMovie, Garage Band, iPhoto and iDVD. iPhoto is a photo management application, whenever you hook up a camera, iPhoto is what you’ll see. iMovie is a video editing application, if you ever have a camcorder that is digital and you hook it up to your computer, this is what you’ll see, as well as if you ever want to manipulate video. Garage Band is a music creation and editing app. Garage Band comes with many built in instruments, loops and many useful features that you can use for your music creation. iDVD is just what it sounds like, it lets you take videos and convert them and dress them up so you can simply insert a DVD and have it burn so you can play it on any DVD player.

iTunes is probably the most well known application on both the Mac and Windows computers. iTunes is the largest music store in the world as well as an excellent music management application, if you have a music file, iTunes can probably play it. Next you’ll see Spaces. Spaces can be used to form virtual desktops, which can help you split up where your applications are on your Mac and help free you from screen clutter. Spaces can be accessed by pressing the icon on your Dock, pressing F8 or assigning a hot corner in System Preferences.

Time Machine is the second to last application on your Dock. Time Machine is a backup application. Time Machine will backup anything you ask it to to an external hard drive that you attach to your computer via USB or Firewire. The last, and arguably the most useful application you’ll see is the System Preferences. System Preferences lets you set up your computer exactly how you like and lets you configure any of the built in features of Mac OS X. Remember, all of these apps come standard with any Apple computer, weather it’s a Mac Book or a Mac Pro or anything in between – no need to buy all those additional programs or applications like on a PC.