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Benefits of unlocked cellular phones

Benefits of Unlocked Cellular Phones

You may not know much about your cellular phone other than that you cannot live without it! Your cell phone is your connection to the rest of the world and is a very important tool. Many cell phones are made to use a SIM card – a Subscriber Identification Module – which stores subscriber data. The SIM card is issued by the carrier (carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, and others use SIM cards) and is used to activate the phone. Locked cell phones will only recognize a particular carrier while unlocked cell phones will recognize any carrier.
An unlocked cell phone is much more useful to the average cell phone user than a locked one. A locked cell phone will not allow users to change phones at their leisure. Cellular carriers claim that this is done to maintain a balance covering the cost of the phones. A locked cell phone benefits only the carrier while an unlocked cell phone benefits the customer. Some cellular carriers require that you purchase a locked cell phone for the contract period, but will unlock the phone at the time that the contract expires.
One of the easiest ways to purchase an unlocked cell phone is to purchase the phone from a third party vendor online, not from a cellular carrier store. This way, the phone will already be in its unlocked state, which is how all cell phones are manufactured originally anyway. What is even better about purchasing an unlocked cell phone this way is that it is typically 50%-60% less than what you might pay at the carrier’s retail store. Unlocked cell phones will work with any carrier that uses a SIM card (even overseas).
If you currently own a locked cell phone, you can pay a third party company (not your carrier) to unlock the cell phone. Unlocking a cell phone will not guarantee that it will work, as your carrier may have implemented proprietary settings. However, many other people have learned to hack into locked cell phones, but be careful when unlocking your existing cell phone as it can potentially be rendered unusable.
A prominent benefit of having an unlocked cell phone is that if you tire of one phone or carrier, you are free to change services whenever you want. With today’s constant changes among cellular carrier’s plans, pricing, and services it is no wonder that so many people prefer unlocked cell phones. Unlocked cell phones make it much easier for customers to switch carriers.
Unlocked cell phones are also beneficial if you wish to change the model of phone you are using. Many SIM cards are compatible with many different phone models. If your phone breaks, is damaged, or it is just time for an upgrade, you can often switch the SIM card out and place it into the new phone. The SIM card will allow for you to retain all of your stored information, phone number, and calling plan, but in an entirely new phone.

How to choose audio recording software

How To Choose Audio Recording Software

The question: “What features should I look for when choosing audio recording software?”
The answer: “It depends on what you want to record.”
There are many low cost recording programs available that can be used to record from existing media (tape, cd’s, vinyl lp’s) or from radio and internet broadcasts. Even these low priced software programs have editing features and native effects that can be applied to the recording.
Live recording is best accomplished by using multitrack recording/editing software that incorporates tools and effects suitable for application to live voices and instruments, one of the most important being compression. Compression is essential to level the extremes in volume that inevitably occur in live recording.
Several features/capabilities should be considered when choosing software for live music recording (listed below).
Required features:
1. Recording – record multiple stereo tracks
2. Editing – edit a track’s waveform
3. Mixing – mix multiple tracks into one stereo track
4. Effects – native (built-in) effects such as delay, reverb, fade in, fade out, flanger, compressor and various high/low filters
5. File conversion – convert to/from the most popular music formats such as wav, wma, mp3
Additional useful features:
6. Plug-ins – accepts 3rd party software plug-in effects and tools
7. Ripping – pull individual tracks from music cd’s
8. Burning – copy recorded tracks to cd audio
Optional features (depending on need):
9. Midi – record midi instruments (midi keyboards, synthesizers, guitars)
10. Video – synchronize audio with video files
So, in conclusion, if you are recording music to computer from pre-recorded media, you can certainly get by with software on the low end of the price spectrum. But, if you want to create professional sounding mixes from live music, you’ll need the higher level of sophistication available in a quality multitrack recording program.
Cost shouldn’t be an issue in the choice as the difference in price between the low end software package and a quality multitrack program can be as little as $10 – $20.

Methods of protecting mental consistency

Methods Of Protecting Mental Consistency

When we feel cognitive dissonance, we have to find a way to deal with the psychological tension. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to help us return to cognitive consistency.
Your favorite politician, the local mayor, for whom you campaigned and voted, is in trouble. You spent your own time and money convincing family, friends, and neighbors to vote for this candidate. You thought he was a family man, a man of values, somebody who could be trusted. Now, after two years in office, he’s been caught red-handed having an affair with an office staff member, who is barely older than his daughter. The news creates dissonance inside you. To alleviate the dissonance, you might react in any one or combination of the following ways:
*Denial–To shut out the dissonance, you deny there is a problem. You do this either by ignoring or demeaning the source of the information. You might also deliberately misperceive the confronting position.
“This is just the media going after him. He is doing a great job, so the opposing party is trying to smear his good name. This will all blow over when the facts come out. It’s all just a big misunderstanding.”
*Modify–You change your existing cognitions to achieve consistency. Most of the time this involves admitting you were wrong and making changes to remedy your errors.
“I can’t believe I voted for this guy. I feel swindled and taken advantage of. I really mistook him for a man of character. I need to apologize to my family and friends. I cannot support a man who does not honor his wedding vows.”
*Reframe–You change your understanding or interpretation of the meaning. This leads you to either modify your own thinking or devalue the importance of the whole matter, considering it unimportant altogether.
“The media said affair. Well, I’m sure he didn’t actually sleep with her. Maybe they’re just good friends. I’m sure his wife knew all about the whole thing. Even if they did have an affair, who doesn’t? Is it that big of deal?”
*Search–You are determined to find a flaw in the other side’s position, to discredit the source, and to seek social or evidentiary support for your own viewpoint. You might attempt to convince the source (if available) of his error. You might also try to convince others you did the right thing.
“I’ve heard about the reporter breaking this story. He’s blown things out of proportion before. All the friends I’ve talked to don’t think the story is true. In fact, this reporter has been against the mayor from the time he became a candidate. I’m going to call that reporter right now.”
*Separation–You separate the attitudes that are in conflict. This compartmentalizes your cognitions, making it easier for you to ignore or even forget the discrepancy. In your mind, what happens in one area of your life (or someone else’s) should not affect the other areas of your life.
“I voted for him and he is doing a great job. Inflation is low, unemployment is not a problem, and crime has been reduced. He is doing everything he said he would. It does not matter what he does in his private life. What matters is how he is doing his job. There is no bearing between an affair and his job performance.”
*Rationalization–You find excuses for why the inconsistency is acceptable. You change your expectations or try to alter what really happened. You also find reasons to justify your behavior or your opinions.
“Well, his wife is cold to him and she’s never around when he needs her. She’s never really supported him since he took office. After all, she still has her own business. Maybe this is just a marriage of convenience and this relationship is part of their agreement.”

System acting strangely it could be device driver problems

System Acting Strangely? It Could be Device Driver Problems

The typical user probably is never aware of the hidden world of the device driver. It is a small, unremarkable file with an important agenda. If your computer use is limited to surfing the web, drivers will only get your attention in the form of a major conflict. However, for those who play games or use peripherals, hours can be lost trying to switch between drivers to find one that ends disruptive conflicts.
For peripheral devices, there are many unknown conflicts that can stop your PC dead in its tracks. The webcam, microphone or scanner all depend on device drivers to sync with your software environment. If you’re having a tough difficult time with peripherals, obsolete are often the source of the issue.
Gamers are typically burdened with driver support problems. For example, g that push your hardware to the limits of your computer’s capabilities will often require the most current drivers. If you have a dedicated graphics card, you will likely need to install each new version. If you experience problems with images during game play, there is a pretty good chance that old drivers are the culprit.
There are some driver issues that require unusual solutions. For example, laptop gamers are often required to use modified drivers. This is done at your own risk as it can void your warranty. However, most laptop manufacturers don’t permit you to use the latest drivers from your video card company. The laptop manufacturer may only rarely update their driver series. This means that a new patch can come out at any time that no longer functions well with your driver. There are modification tools and third party drivers that can satisfy this issue. This is something that an advanced laptop gamer will probably have to learn to do for themselves eventually.
Driver cleaning is another issue of concern that will arise during this process. Old drivers often leave their footprint behind in your registry. This can be a source of conflict down the road. There is software out there that will clean these remnants from your registry. However, it is important to do diligent research before attempting to use one of these programs. It’s possible for these to cause serious errors if used improperly.
Driver support can be challenging for boutique operating systems. Some issues exist regarding the installation of drivers for operating systems with 64-bit architecture. It can be hard to find stable driver software that works well with Linux.
When you are confronting a performance problem, there’s a decent chance that drivers may be the source. If you frequently update your drivers, youare less likely to see these problems. Even for the most diligent users though, some will be inevitable. A driver problem can have the same symptoms as legitimate hardware failure. This can be deeply frustrating. If you have tried several drivers with no effect, you migh consider getting some technical help to identify if there is a more serious hardware problem instead of a mere driver issue.