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The importance of usability in web design

The Importance of Usability in Web Design

No matter where you look these days, different designs for websites are starting to become more popular. Even though there are website designs out there right now that have certainly done a lot to forward the case for interesting and innovative new designs, there are still some core principles that remain at the heart of every good website. One of these core principles is the principle of usability, something that is always going to be hip in web design. Some people have problems grasping this concept. For those people, this article should prove helpful.
What is Usability?
This is a question that people ask all the time. People tend to be familiar with visual attractiveness and general content, but usability is a concept that most people don’t think about (if at all) until the end of the actual design process.
To put it simply, usability refers to the idea of how the website is used by users. In other words, if a user can come along and use your website easily, you have a high usability rating. If, on the other hand, it is rather difficult to use your website for the average new user with an average level of modern internet knowledge, your website will not have a high usability rating in the slightest.
We have all been to websites that had us wondering exactly what the creator was thinking when they made the navigational buttons for them. We have all also been to websites that were absolute delights to navigate because of how conceptual and intuitive the entire interface and interactive element actually was. For that reason, everyone that has ever surfed the internet has a general level of understanding and sympathy for the struggles that people go through when trying to create websites with high usability.
The Importance of Usability
There are some people out there that would argue quite vehemently that usability is something that is not really that important. In fact, there are people that still make their living through the creation of thousands of different Adsense pages in the hopes that they can make a few pennies per page per day and have that amount add up to something impressive when all of the different websites are added together. These are people that are not interested in usability, but rather just impressions and clicks.
At the end of the day though, the internet is moving away from these people. The web 2.0 revolution has made interactivity one of the biggest elements of the average new internet site today. If you want people to keep coming back to your site, you need to make your site usable. If you want to make money off the internet these days, you need to have a site that people can keep coming back to. That is essentially the way the internet works these days and you are either going to adapt to it or your business is going to die off. At the end of the day, it really is just that simple.

Online backup

Online Backup

Nowadays, computer is becoming necessary part of people’s daily life .You may have a lot of important stuff on you computer like financial documents, digital photos, music and other type of files. However, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, computer viruses, theft, human error and natural disasters. All these can happen to computer systems and erase everything in no time. So it is very risky to store them in only one location. The best way to protect your data is to have multiple versions and copies in an alternate location. This is the basic principle behind every online backup service.

Online backup, sometimes referred to as remote backup or offsite data backup, is a simple and safe way to back up all your important stuffs and store them in a secure, remote location of safekeeping, in case files become lost or damaged, your data still can be recovered. It allows users to safely access or restores any lost files by using any computer over existing Internet bandwidth. By backing up data as frequently as needed on a remote hard drive, the risk of date loss will be practically. What’s more, you can eliminate the hassle of copying and storing tapes, CDS, DVDS.

There are hundreds of online backup providers available for your business. Not all backup providers are alike. Different providers offers different services, like personal backup providers and business class providers. Usually companies and organizations take data protecting seriously. Therefore they should demand a business class provider. For you personal data, you can choose the small business ones. Online backup providers are extremely efficient at protecting your data. They are equipped and ready to backup all file types and applications, no matte what kind of stuff you want to be protected. To ensure that you make the best decision, you have to dig a bit deeper about the provider you want to choose. Before you sign up with a provider, you should clarify everything.

If you value your data and information, you will need a backup solution which you can depend on.


The article is written by Internet Marketing Consultant Raheel Pasha. For more information on similar topics the recommended sites www.vortexbackup.net

Photoeditorx full review the professional photo editor and enhancing program

PhotoEditorX Full Review – The Professional Photo Editor and Enhancing Program

I have finally gotten to that plateau of photo editing that I considered myself entering the realm of becoming a professional. What was not professional however was the digital photo editing software that I had now been using for months. (Microsoft paint program). It served great purpose in my learning stages but I have now come to the point where I have outgrown it.
My new challenge was to find an editing software program that would meet my needs yet present a challenge as well. Not in use mind you but in what I could do with it once, I learned what they had to teach. My first inclination of course was to search the web for what was available which there was no shortage of. Not being patient by nature I wanted to find a photo editing software that was immediately available for download. I knew enough not to go hunting for some free programs after all I was into some serious photography now.
On my journey I came across a software package called PhotoEditorX. It was not anything flashy in fact it was quite simple in that it got right to the point. It stated in clear no nonsense statements exact what it was and what it was meant to do. After a thorough review of what the product was, all about I reached some conclusions…
What I like about it was:
The advertising and write up about the product was simple and easy to understand Which meant the program itself was likely going to be as well.
The images they showed were actual images that had been edited with PhotoEditorX, which were impressive.
The site was not loaded with testimony after testimony. The ones that were there were short and what appeared to be factual, as they referred to what the product could do based on their perspective.
You were not required to do a lot of reading to become convinced about this product. They showed a detailed video that backed up the claims they were making.
Probably one of the most important aspects were they were not afraid to define in very basic terms what they had to offer and used detail to do this.
There is no doubt that everyone reading and seeing what was being offered here would have a full understanding of what they would be getting.
What I didn’t like was…
I had to go searching for the price but figured in the end it did not matter anyway. They said it was going to be inexpensive and I had believed everything else they said up to this point. I had already made the decision to purchase it.
The second thing had to keep my impatience in control. As I mentioned I went hunting originally for photo imaging software I could buy and download. Then I realized just how much more professional this method was. It was going to be worth the wait.
Overall, I figured I had spent some very productive time on my research and was pleased with the outcome.

Increasing your website traffic free proven methods

Increasing Your Website Traffic – 3 Free & Proven Methods

There are countless websites in the net. Competition is tough and it can be quite difficult to drive traffic to your site. Traffic generation is crucial to your e-business marketing campaign. To survive, you need to generate more traffic and interest to your website. Here are three effective methods for doing just that.
Your traffic represents your prospective customers. The more traffic you generate, the more chance there is for people to buy your product or your service. You need to create an effective marketing plan in order to create interest among people.
There are many ways to generate traffic to your site. However, you don’t want to generate just any traffic, your aim should be to generate free targeted traffic. You should consider employing different methods for generating targeted website traffic. Do not limit yourself to just one method. The following are three free site traffic generation methods that you can try.
— Step 1: Write and submit articles
Everyday, people would visit Google to look for information they need. By writing highly informative, unique and interesting articles and submitting these to high-traffic article directories, you will be read and your articles will become your website’s advertisement.
People who found your articles informative and helpful would go to your website for more information. If you continue along this vein – writing and submitting more articles – more people would trust you and your business over time. Your articles would generate much interest that it would be difficult for search engines to ignore them and your website.
In time, your website will appear in search engine results every time a prospective customer searches for a product or a service that you could provide. At the very least, your articles will appear in these search results and they will lead search engine users to your site.
When you submit articles to different websites, make sure that your articles are fresh and interesting. Add a link to your website as well. Remember that your purpose is to generate traffic to your website. Be mindful of keywords that most people would use when searching for a product, service or any information when you write these articles.
— Step 2: Use viral marketing techniques
This type of marketing, if employed effectively, would generate more targeted traffic than you thought possible. Viral marketing involves using viral videos which are very effective forms of advertisement. People just love passing on videos to others. If you can just make videos that people find worthy of forwarding to their friends (maybe because they’re hilarious, or super silly or wonderfully odd), then your company can become known to a lot of people. Of course, your videos must have your company information so people will know where to find your site.
Viral marketing can also take occur through viral e-books and viral software. Viral e-books are informative guides that people find good enough to forward to their friends. Viral software refers simply to applications that people find useful enough to refer to their friends.
People generally pass on by mouth their positive reaction to any business, product or service. This is how the viral aspect of this type of marketing takes effect.
— Step 3: Optimize your site for search engine queries
You must endeavor to make your site get recognized by prominent search engines to be relevant in your keyword category. The more relevant your site is (according to the search engine ranking algorithms), the better your search engine ranking will be and the easier you will be to find through search engine queries. Therefore, make sure to undertake search engine optimization.