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Tips on how to write emails that catch attention

5 Tips on How to Write Emails that Catch Attention?

“As clothes make a man (or woman)”, the way you dress up your emails can either make or break your career or relationship, too.
Not every email you send gets to its recipient; this is more of a fact than mere guess. Spam filters work double time, and what constitutes spam today has never been more defined. However the real email tragedy is ending up in the trash bin, as soon as the email is clicked open.
Writing is talent and not everyone shares it. Others are just born with the talent to organize thoughts on word.doc (or notepad) effortlessly, while most of us struggle to even come up with an idea of what to write about.
Unlike writing a story or an article, writing emails is a lot simpler. It is also a skill that anyone can learn. Talent can make learning easy for some, but sooner or later for everyone, writing emails effectively is a skill that we can all learn and master.
Emails for business purposes and those written for personal communication do not have the same format, but for effective results, they share the same rules:
1. Short and Simple. Emails, regardless of theme or topic should not extend beyond 65 characters, including spaces, across the page. Anyone who reads a wider span of text across the page can easily lose interest.
2. Use color sparingly. It’s amazing how others can turn their emails into mini-Picasso portraits by using colored fonts and highlights to attract attention to their thought or ideas. Unlike the popular belief that colored fonts and highlights attract, they actually repel when applied on a page too much.
3. Use simple language and shorter paragraphs. Attention span is shorter when reading online. Definitely, emails delivered in simple language and in short paragraphs have more impact.
TIP: Smileys, interchangeably referred to as emoticons, work best in terms of expressing emotions with less words. You may consider downloading this software to aid you in writing emails, but choose one that is compatible with most email clients, such asYahoo! Mail, Gmail, Earthlink, Comcast and AOL, for wider options. Also, smileys that come in different sizes – small, medium or large – allow you to express your feelings accurately.
4. Don’t “shout”. The use of capital letters throughout the body of your email means yelling on the internet.
5. Take one last look before you press “send”. Grammar and spelling rules are basic, but oftentimes these are taken for granted in both business correspondences and personal emails. Before you press “send”, it pays to take one brief review and perform minor edits when necessary.
It always pays to do things right the first time as not every email merits the chance to be read the second time. It’s either the Reply button or the trash bin, and just a few rules in between can make the difference.

Upgrading your iphone can be easier than you think

Upgrading Your iPhone Can Be Easier Than You Think

Electronics on the market today are constantly being reworked and improved upon. Newer, faster and sleeker versions are constantly hitting the shelves, making the version you have outdated and slowly but surely obsolete. For many, this is something of an annoyance: the second you buy a new camera, it seems as though a newer version is being released, rendering your purchase a foolish one. As a result, many people have begun to balk at the idea of buying a new piece of electronic equipment. The chance that you will spend a significant amount of money on a product that you will keep with you for years to come at the wrong time is scary, and rightfully so. Consider the same situation but with a car: you spend time becoming familiar with the current marketplace, and you come to what you truly believe is a well-informed, smart decision. When you go ahead and put your first down payment on the car, a newer, faster more aesthetically pleasing model comes out for the same price you just paid. While you would be crazy to throw away the car you just bought and buy this new one, you are justified in feeling as though you were slightly cheated in some way. This is simply the way things work – there is nobody who will greet your story with much more than a shrug of the shoulders and a consoling comment. However, there are ways to avoid this classic pitfall, and it is possible to at least tip the scales in your favor.

How can you go about ensuring that this does not happen to you? Well, there are a few ways. For starters, do your research about a product before jumping into an expensive purchase. Scour the company’s websites as well as web pages based around message boards and rumors about your desired product to see when the next generation is supposed to hit stores. Even the most diligent consumer can fall into the “I should have waited two more weeks” trap – sometimes companies keep their newest products a secret from the public in order to create a splash when an announcement is made. But this is not something to become frustrated over. Rather, you should exhale and revel in the fact that you can use your current electronic equipment to help you buy your next model.

Of all the cell phones on the market today, the iPhone seems to have the biggest cult following and most new subscribes of any of them. With dozens of unique features, iPhones are truly unlike anything else on the market today, most likely the driving force behind their surging popularity. However, just like any piece of technology, the iPhone continues to be tinkered with, as newer, faster and larger version of the product hit stores. Therefore, no matter how loyal you are your iPhone, chances are you are going to shed your current model for a new one in the near future. As a result, when it comes time to sell your used 2g or 3g iPhone, you should truly try and get top dollar for the product. There are websites that work in this specific market and using them to sell your used 2g or 3g iPhone will be the simplest and most profitable way of doing so. The decision to sell your used 2g or 3g iPhone is not one that you need to worry too much about – with the money you get after you sell your used 2g or 3g iPhone, you will be one step closer toward buying the new version of the phone that you want. Remaining brand loyal is a worthy trait and after you sell your used 2g or 3g iPhone you can continue to support the company by going out and buying yourself a new and improved version of the phone.

Writing web content that is optimal and readable

Writing Web Content that is Optimal and Readable

Copywriting is one significant factor when you want to achieve excellent search engine ranking. Yet, a lot of times website owners think that all that they have to do is to incorporate keywords in page tags and include some keyword mentions in their articles. While SEO copywriting is not exceedingly hard, writing for search engines is more complex than that.
“Search engine optimization copywriting” or SEO, is a method of writing viewable or easily scanned text on your web page which is very acceptable and readable for the internet user as well as targets certain or exact search terms, having the purpose of ranking high in search engines.
“SEO Copywriting” generally optimizes and enhances other on-page components for search terms being targeted, namely the title, the description and likewise keywords tags, alt text and headings.
Search engines require and look for authentic content pages, rather than additional pages which are designed solely for attaining high rankings; this then, is the concept of “SEO copywriting”.  And for this reason, search engines may not likely consider SEO pages with undesirable copywriting content.
Simply put, your site’s content must follow good marketing standards, having great interaction with your visitors because excellent “SEO copywriting” acknowledges the fact that humans make the purchasing decisions and not “spiders”.
It is recommended that your content comprises of about 250 words that are viewable per page, having a maximum of two targeted keywords or search terms located strategically inside the text as well as in other on-page components.
A good quality and informative copywriting content indeed is the very foundation for a website to be successful. A good content and excellent website setup will direct your visitors to what exactly they desire while collecting or inquiring for information in your website. A well developed and constructed content page really is important for powerful website content and can take a huge bound in your keyword ranking approach.
Always remember that internet surfers do not “read” all the time your content, but rather, their tendency is just to scan through the page, searching for prominent and attractive sentences and words. Meaning that for you to magnetize your visitors, you need to write not only convincing and captivating content, but also scannable.
When a prospect visits your site searching for a service or product, it can be due to fact that they find your information educational and helpful; thus it actually depends on the quality of your content and what type of information that you supply your visitors that determines whether they stay or leave your website. A content rich in keywords will leave an enduring impression for your SEO campaign.
Here are a few guidelines on writing good quality SEO content:
1.  Understand and determine your “key phrases” before you begin writing.  Returning and then editing an already existing copy so to reach higher keyword concentration can be a difficult task which often results in fragmented sentences, complicated statements and a copy that is stiff sounding. If you already know the “key phrases”, then you are able to construct a complete and flowing stream of ideas.
2.  Know who your target audiences are.  You need to determine your target clients before writing your content, so that you can address them properly. You can not write a good quality, informative and persuading content without knowing your visitors requirements, problems and needs.
Your content should offer a solution to their problems and you need to first identify that problem before you can determine a solution.
3.  Incorporate your “key phrases” in the headlines.  Almost all search engines believe that a headline is a significant part of your copy which means that the text that comprises the headlines bears additional effect.
When you make headlines, be certain to construct them so that they also carry the keyword that you have used in your content. Also take note of the “HTML encryption for your title. When you make bold headlines and incorporating them in “<H1>” or “<H2>” tags, they will catch the search engine’s attention.
4.  Scatter or distribute properly your “key phrases” all throughout the body of your article.  To do this effectively, focus on just a maximum of three primary keywords and let them naturally flow in your article.
There is what is called a “3 percent guideline” which states that 3 percent of the words in your article must be “keywords”. You should take note however, that this is only a guideline; do not ruin a good article just so to achieve the three percent guideline by insisting on the keywords in sentences where it does not fit just so to achieve the “3 percent guideline.”
Just remember that a literature form of writing is not what is required in SEO copywriting; it just makes a poor web content. SEO copywriting demands that you specifically need to write for the internet, something that is very much different from a literature or storybook style of writing.
There is more to web copywriting than merely writing well. Keep this in mind:  Effective web copywriting and keywords “search engine optimization” mean the same thing.

Methods of protecting mental consistency

Methods Of Protecting Mental Consistency

When we feel cognitive dissonance, we have to find a way to deal with the psychological tension. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to help us return to cognitive consistency.
Your favorite politician, the local mayor, for whom you campaigned and voted, is in trouble. You spent your own time and money convincing family, friends, and neighbors to vote for this candidate. You thought he was a family man, a man of values, somebody who could be trusted. Now, after two years in office, he’s been caught red-handed having an affair with an office staff member, who is barely older than his daughter. The news creates dissonance inside you. To alleviate the dissonance, you might react in any one or combination of the following ways:
*Denial–To shut out the dissonance, you deny there is a problem. You do this either by ignoring or demeaning the source of the information. You might also deliberately misperceive the confronting position.
“This is just the media going after him. He is doing a great job, so the opposing party is trying to smear his good name. This will all blow over when the facts come out. It’s all just a big misunderstanding.”
*Modify–You change your existing cognitions to achieve consistency. Most of the time this involves admitting you were wrong and making changes to remedy your errors.
“I can’t believe I voted for this guy. I feel swindled and taken advantage of. I really mistook him for a man of character. I need to apologize to my family and friends. I cannot support a man who does not honor his wedding vows.”
*Reframe–You change your understanding or interpretation of the meaning. This leads you to either modify your own thinking or devalue the importance of the whole matter, considering it unimportant altogether.
“The media said affair. Well, I’m sure he didn’t actually sleep with her. Maybe they’re just good friends. I’m sure his wife knew all about the whole thing. Even if they did have an affair, who doesn’t? Is it that big of deal?”
*Search–You are determined to find a flaw in the other side’s position, to discredit the source, and to seek social or evidentiary support for your own viewpoint. You might attempt to convince the source (if available) of his error. You might also try to convince others you did the right thing.
“I’ve heard about the reporter breaking this story. He’s blown things out of proportion before. All the friends I’ve talked to don’t think the story is true. In fact, this reporter has been against the mayor from the time he became a candidate. I’m going to call that reporter right now.”
*Separation–You separate the attitudes that are in conflict. This compartmentalizes your cognitions, making it easier for you to ignore or even forget the discrepancy. In your mind, what happens in one area of your life (or someone else’s) should not affect the other areas of your life.
“I voted for him and he is doing a great job. Inflation is low, unemployment is not a problem, and crime has been reduced. He is doing everything he said he would. It does not matter what he does in his private life. What matters is how he is doing his job. There is no bearing between an affair and his job performance.”
*Rationalization–You find excuses for why the inconsistency is acceptable. You change your expectations or try to alter what really happened. You also find reasons to justify your behavior or your opinions.
“Well, his wife is cold to him and she’s never around when he needs her. She’s never really supported him since he took office. After all, she still has her own business. Maybe this is just a marriage of convenience and this relationship is part of their agreement.”